Liz Adams

Figurative painter.
Art educator.
Liz Adams Self Portrait as a Screen Gazer

An American artist in Paris.

Figurative artist Liz Adams creates vivid worlds filled with sensitive portraits, singers and sea creatures, sweets and pastries, bubbles and flowers.

Liz Adams painting: Pink Madonna

Latest artwork

A selection of my most recent explorations...
Self-Portrait, Past and Present Girl

oil on canvas, 78 x 90 cm, 2022-2024

A meditation on the nature of selfhood and my history in the context of the symbolic magnolia.

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Italian Dream

oil on canvas 21 x 15 cm 

This impressionistic study is partly based off a found image and partly based on memories of Tuscany.

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oil on paper (framed), 21 x 15 cm

Based off a statue I saw in Barcelona. I loved the feeling of protection her pose suggests.

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oil on paper (framed), 21 x 15 cm

This painting was entirely imagined, using the colors I saw in a garden in Barcelona. 

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Two Graces

oil on paper (framed), 21 x 15 cm

Inspired by a statue in the medieval town of Sitges, Spain, these figures represent the epitome of finding solace amid grief.

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Liz in her studio with one of her paintings (macarons)

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My painting is what I have to give back to the world for what the world gives to me.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Latest News

Discovering Mexico

by Liz Adams1 mars 2024

Discovering Mexico In January, I fled the gray skies of Paris and made my way to Mexico for 2 glorious...

European Artistic Program

by Liz Adams20 octobre 2023

European Artistic Program I had a beautiful opportunity to attend an art residency this summer called the European Artistic Program...

New Atelier!

by Liz Adams8 octobre 2023

New Atelier! I am so thrilled to have moved into my new studio space! I am working at Le100 ECS,...

Estivales de Sceaux

by Liz Adams7 octobre 2023

Estivales de Sceaux 2023 I had the great pleasure of participating in Estivales de Sceaux, an annual juried exhibition that...

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