Estivales de Sceaux 2023

Poster of Estivales de Sceaux 2023
Liz Adams at the Estivales de Sceaux

I had the great pleasure of participating in Estivales de Sceaux, an annual juried exhibition that was displayed for the summer at the Mairie de Sceaux. The city of Sceaux organized a beautiful vernissage on a summer evening. There was a jazz trio playing in the garden where guests could enjoy beautiful tunes while sipping kir. I was so honored to have my painting Anticipation  included in the exhibition, thanks to the curation by Damien Derboubaix. The show was diverse and included painting, sculpture and installation art.  The mayor of Sceaux gave a speech and then kindly presented the artists to the audience. Each of us artists had the opportunity to give a short interview to talk about our work. It was a memorable evening in one of my favorite cities outside of Paris. 

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