European Artistic Program

Liz Adams at the European Artistic Program in Barcelona (Spain) - June 2023

I had a beautiful opportunity to attend an art residency this summer called the European Artistic Program Residency. It was an international experience split between Paris and Barcelona. I spent the first two weeks of June working with RARO Barcelona which provided us artists with a fantastic workspace in the colorful and delightful studio of Spanish artist Mireia Ruiz.

Along with the 5 other artists (all female!) I was able to explore my work in a focused, nurturing environment. I was thrilled to have the chance to work in Barcelona, which is an energetic and vivacious city filled with lively cafes, broad boulevards and warm people. Though it’s not hard for me to be excited to paint when I travel, I was going through something of an artist’s block last Spring. I was nervous that I would freeze, or be intimidated by the need to produce. What happened was a beautiful and at times emotional journey of exploring Barcelona and taking note of what touched me, caught my eye and inspired me. I started to create a series of paintings that had to do with personal loss, grief and grace. A series emerged filled with statues, maternal figures, florals and seas. It’s a series I’ll keep exploring as I see many of my themes have been leading me in this direction. Back in Paris I worked in a collective space called OpenBach Residence in the 13th arrondissement alongside the other artists in the program

to prepare our works for a final exhibition. The media of our works ranged from quilting, painting, drawing, ink, and installation yet all had a beautiful harmony. We put on a lovely exhibition thanks Yellow Cube Gallery for hosting us. It was really a gift to spend a month immersed not only in my own work but working alongside my fellow residents.

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